DEALBREAKER 為台灣鋼製飾品獨立品牌,2016 年由服飾設計背景的 安臻 ( ANJXN ) 創立於台北,受街頭、哥德、刺青、饒舌音樂文化啟發而創立。
品牌曾由 熱狗 ( MC Hotdog )呆寶靜展榮 ( Keelong )展瑞 ( Ray )陳信維 ( Cuzy )陳零九 ( Nine Chen ) 蛋頭 ( BG8LOCC ) 婁峻碩 ( SHOU )高爾宣 ( OSN )Marz23朱宇謀 ( Wish )亞歷三小Bat LinMatt ForceKENI伊西 ( Isey ) 劉祿存 ( 小祿 )李浩瑋 ( Howard Lee ) 等音樂人 / 藝人著用。
目前全台灣唯一實體販售店面位於 台北市 忠孝敦化站(2號出口) 悪人刺青 BADGUY TATTOO  店中店。


DEALBREAKER is a Taiwan-based brand in Taipei, Taiwan founded by @anjxnlllllllllll after graduated from fashion design.
DEALBREAKER was established on July 7, 2016 independently. It was born from her for observation of the world of fashion. Their core concept could be described as "We don't give a shit what other people wear. " It is Inspired by high-end fashion, streetwear, music, tattoo, hiphop, gothic and pessimism.
DEALBREAKER took 11 letters " ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ ❚ " as their label. Selling their own exclusive products, they're most famous for their X.77 stainless chain design.
The first CF was released in 2019 - UNⱠØVɆABILITY, "We were in love but we won't love," equates the inauthenticity of modern romance with a pervasive disability. The representative colors of DEALBREAKER  - black / red.


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